Use the menu on the left. Some of these are rather large. You will need to download realplayer first!!  Hey, all of you people who are theives, these were used with permission.
* The Krillen singing has words here is what they are:

Krillen: If my wishes come true...

Mrs Breifs: Wow! He's really good!

Mr. Briefs: He has a unique way of singing.

Trunks: Is he really considered good?

Master Roshi: Yeah Krillen! You're the best!

Vegita: Krillen...I can't stand it anymore!

*The 3 ssj's fighting brolly has words. Here is what they are

Goku: I won't let you!

Vegeta: Stop! You can't defeat the legendary super saiya-jin!

Mr Satan: Watch closely, (I can't make out the rest)

*How Brolly dies also has words

Goku: I can't let you go on!

Goku: (after Brolly explodes) We beat him!!!!