Gokou is the big dumb loveable hero of Dragon Ball/Z/GT. He is the hero in every series and is the guy who shows up at the last minute to save the day when things look their darkest. Gokou was a saiyan sent to conquer Earth right after he was born. His space pod had a recording going in it telling him to destroy the earth and kind of programing him for the job ahead. When he arrived he was taken in by kind old man named Gohan, but was still rampaging and stronger than his original power level of 2. Gokou falls one day into a ravine and hits his head, a fall that would have killed a normal boy, and it erases all the orders in his head about killing all the Earth. After that he is a nice loving grandson for Gohan, until he goes Oozaru one night and accidentally steps on him, killing him. He leaves his house in Mt. Paozu a few years later when he meets Bulma and thus begins the tale of Gokou. He eventually moves back to Mt. Paozu with his new wife Chi-chi and has 2 sons Gohan and Goten, who are both excellent fighters like their father, despite what their mother may want. Gokou dies more times than probably anyone in DBZ, but the final time is at the end of the DBGT series when he fuses with Shenlong and the dragon balls and disappear.