Vegeta is the prince of all saiyans and is rather proud of it. In fact Vegeta is proud of everything-his pride is his most defining characteristic. He doesn't believe he can lose a fight, which usually lands him right in the middle of battle, when its advantageous to him anyway. Vegeta is another character who starts as one of Goku's enemies and becomes an ally later on. Vegeta actaully becomes an ally before he ever becomes a good guy, but he never truely becomes Goku's friend. There is always a slight resentment of Gokou because that lower level Saiyan is stronger than he, the prince of all saiyans. Vegeta is an enemy so many times in DBZ that it is unreal. He begins as an enemy when he comes to Earth to get the Dragon Balls, and is an enemy on Namek until the Ginyu Force shows up and even still isnt much of an ally. Then later on he is charmed by Babidi and made into Majin Vegeta and is once again fighting Goku with reckless abandon. But while Majin Vegeta, he actually becomes a true good guy for the first time. However he is once again an enemy when he is taken over by Bebi and formed into Babi-Vegeta.